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October 12, 2010


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Excellent post.

I have my own definition for "Big Society", similar to the collaborative "opportunity" you describe, but that's only because I've interpreted the term to fit the way I see society going anyhow. I guess that's a sign the term might ultimately benefit from being somewhat descriptive of an established trend, unlike Tony Bliar's vacant "Third Way", which New Labour never managed to define.

Of course a truly grim definition may emerge from how government policy works in practice. It's too early to judge, but all the austerity measures are leading me to think that the "Big Society" might actually be a lot smaller economically than anyone anticipated...

Dave Birch

Where does the "real"/virtual boundary figure in all of this? I think I can detect a move towards a virtual big society, but not a physical Big Society. I'm happy to spend time and effort working with people who share my values online, not for direct reward but for the group, but not for people the people across the street from me who are idle, feckless layabouts who smash bottles in the road. There's nothing I can do to control my physical society, whereas I have complete choice and control over virtual society.

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