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October 20, 2009


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It has been an interesting process over the last few years - and from a background in markets (I used to be a Director of the International Petroleum Exchange) - getting to the bottom of how finance may be in a world of direct instantaneous connections.

I remember dropping in to Zopa before they dived into the US, and they were interested, but distracted.....

My take on what I call Money 3.0 is here

and Dave Birch has asked me to present it at the next Digital Money in 2010.

Also an article re Peer to Peer finance, here

Bruce Davis

Thanks Chris, definitely food for thought and very relevant to the concepts I am trying to get off the ground currently in terms of finding new forms of investment for individuals.

Arguably money constantly has to adapt and re-invent itself for new social contexts. It is perhaps not a new version of money that we need but a new philosophical perspective on what money is that frees us from the current institutional mindsets that constrain current beliefs about the possible.

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